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EVE Miner - EVE Online Mining Bot


EVE Online mining macro - ISK generator to play for free

EVE Miner is a mining macro for EVE Online and is the main function of EVE Pilot, a multifunctional bot platform. If you are new to EVE Online please visit the official site, register your 14 day free trial account, install the client and then come back here for your first bot program. Although EVE Online is not free to play, you can buy a 30 Day Pilots License Extension (PLEX) in the game market from other players and extend your game time subscription for one month. Extending your game time with PLEX is a special feature of EVE-Online and is allowed within it's EULA. The only thing you need to play EVE Online for free is... in-game currency - ISK. How can you earn millions is ISK to pay for your game time? Many new players do not realize how to earn ISK in the beginning of their EVE Online career. One of the most effective ways for a new player to get ISK fast is mining.

EVE Miner is the first mining macro, created by MacroLab. Like another types of bots, EVE Miner emulates the mouse movements and keystrokes to send commands to the EVE Online client window. You can start EVE Miner and leave it working for you whilst you sleep, work or study. EVE Miner is not playing for you, but repeating the most boring and exhausting actions in the game. Such as mining, waiting several minutes while you fill your cargohold with ore and then transporting the ore to a station, many times a day. There is nothing interesting in these repetitive actions for an EVE Online player, especially if you spend the ISK to pay for the game subscription. After 10-20 rounds you will find this boring. If you are not role-playing and want to spend your ISK to buy game time, consider using EVE Miner to automate your ISK flow. Once purchased, EVE Miner will save you a lot of real money, time and the desire to play EVE Online in the future. One bot can make enough ISK to pay for 4 accounts.

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