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Courier Settings for Maximising Faction Standing
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TOPIC: Courier Settings for Maximising Faction Standing
Courier Settings for Maximising Faction Standing 3 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 0

I'm looking at using the Eve Courier Bot to level a couple of chars to get high faction and corp standing (rather than maximising ISK). It took me about a week and a half to get to lvl 4 missions, but I'd like to get your opinions on two uses cases. I've been through the forums and manual, but would like a few clarifications.

1) Courier config for getting to level 4 missions quickest
2) Courier config for maximising faction increase (rather than total ISK) when at lvl 4

My thoughts as answers, please improve / validate / suggest improvements. Based on 8 hours a day within VM with stations and gates combined in overview:

1) Level social, navigation skills, rigging skills. Use a basic (faster) industrial ship (eg, Nereus) with cargohold optimisation rigs (typically Is for cost effectiveness) and expanded cargohold IIs. Select corps in your faction as the selected corps for your courier as per manual. Select the home station as the main corp you want to level. Select lvl 1 if you can only do one. Select lvl 1 & 2 if you can do 2s. Select lvl 1, 2 & 3 if you can do lvl 3s. Never loose standing. Ensure there are the relevant minerals in your home station and add do trade and courier storyline missions. Untick level home station corp standing, tick cancel offered non important missions, tick cancel unimportant storyline, untick home station corporation only. Set between 0 and 12 missions.

2) As above but use a ship maximised for cargo (Iteron Mark V with best fittings possible). if you really want to add implants for warp speed / agility, fine but they are expensive. Select lvl 1,2,3 & 4s. Ensure plenty of minerals in your home. Add ALL corps in the faction rather than just the basic list provided in the manual. Set between 0 and 6 missions.

Note: I'm not sure about whether or not to select all missions or just lvl 3 or 3 & 4 for maximising faction standing increases. Also, I don't have an eye on the pilot to do lots of quick low levels and then switch to lvl 4s when I think the storyline mission is near. Path generator tuning is not too important, because I less concerned about ISK and more concerned about faction standing.

Any advice would be more than welcomed.

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