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Problems and workarounds
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TOPIC: Problems and workarounds
Problems and workarounds 2 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 701
1) Bot works with game client in windowed mode. I am adding full screen support too, but this will need more tests. Run game in windowed mode and set resolution to avoid hovering game client with task bar, especially if you use auctioneer.

2) Let bot start game. If you lock bot to existing game client, you are responsible for result.

3) Dont make your bot visible. I am receiving reports where you are trying to dry fish while floating in the water. Did somebody throw your char to the water or it is a relogin problem, when character appears in the water after restart?

4) Some videocard switch off video output when you switch off monitor. Check power settings and make videocard to work all the time

5) Make sure your fishing level is enough to use rods. Unload rods if you cannot use them yet. Bot will try to fit first rod found in inventory.

6) Test bot with game client resolution around 1600*1024. Higher resolution means slower image searches. With very high resolution bot may generate out if memory exception while working with screens.

7) Bot works with english game client only! NA/EU servers tested.

8) Bot will work with game client using first monitor only. If you have several monitors, reduce game client resolution to fit first monitor.
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