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TOPIC: Changelog
Changelog 2 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 701
1.2.7-1.2.8 version

- Added possibility to purchase boss items to auctioneer. Add * to the name, define item name to search and max price. Bot will purchase first found item in search results if price < maxprice
- Max attempt count to purchase item was increased to avoid false detection of overweight state version (16.07.2017)

- Fishing state detection improvements
- More stable work for auction bot
- Minor bug in production bot is fixed
- Attempt to fix out of memory exception while recording screens for very large monitor resolutions.


- Fishing state detection improvements
- Detection of connect lost state during character selection stage on login was fixed
- Auction bot may now accept section where to search for item. e.g. ItemName {X}, where X is a number of a button to click in left navigation panel. Bot will use only visible buttons without scrolling. This may improve performance on low end computers during auctioning.
- In production bot, removed blur detection as not working 100% correctly. Bot will detect unusual state if no items were found in storage box due to possible blur and make client restart in this case. (28.07.2017)
- fixed probem with reloging after recent bdo patch
- in auctioneer added value pack priority mode:

How to use. Remove existing VP from auctioneer tasks. Make sure you have item you may buy relatively fast in you tasks. If you have just boss items in your tasks method will not work properly. Bot will measure a time when new item appears on auction and will check then for value packs every minute during bidding stage (first 30 seconds when new items appear in auction). By default bot thinks that bidding stage starts every minute at 00 seconds, which may be wrong and need adjustment.

- fixed auctioneer
- removed launcher language check if launcher.config file is missing

- fixed auctioneer after game update
- Added buttons UP/DOWN to sort auctioneer items. If you tick priority Value Pack mode bot will check VP on the start of bidding stage (when new items appear) then will start searching from list start. This way you have higher chance to catch valuable items during bidding stage if you relocate those items on the top of the list.

- fixed fishing and auction functions broken after latest BDO patch
- production function was tested and worked w/o problems

- fixed problem with fishing after bdo patch
- added a code to reenter character if char entered game under water and did not jump to ship in 30 seconds.

- fixed probelem with auctioneer after bdo patch

-fishing speed up
-fixed a problem with loading beer/food from transport inventory
- [General] fixed problem with relogin
- [Processing] tinning->filtering text change
- [Auctioneer] fixed a bug appeared while moving item down in the list of items to purchase

- [Fishing] Added two modes: add human errors (bot will, sometimes, fail to solve captcha or do this slowly) and autofishing (bot will switch broken rods, trash and dry fish when necessary).

- Fixed problem with new inventory window detection. If you have problem restart existing game client or let bot to start it with standard procedure.
- New option in auctioneer to randomize order of items in search. Better to use it with big lists.

- Updated bot to be compatible with new UI. Quite a lot of changes has been made. In case of a problem please create new thread.

- Noticed that processing bot does not close challenge and attendance reward windows during long term tasks. Made corrections.

- Adopted bot to work with new UI. Report about problems.
- Had to disable mount inventory usage as not compatible with new UI yet. Will add it later.
- You can use grilled bird meat as a food for workers now. It is cheaper then beer so was added to the bot.
- Added cooking and alchemy function. It is experimental now. Working on updated manual and more testing.

- More problems fixed after BDO update, including today's text update.
- Corrected work with advanced alchemy tool
- Wrote manual for alchemy function and updated other parts.

At this stage need more tests. BDO devs are changing game every few days and some functions may fail at any time. Report bugs.

- Noticed that weight bar in inventory was reduced in size. Added corrections.
- Control+P hotkey opens personal info in game like P. To pause bot use Alt + F5 hotkey.

- Added minigame helper to level horse skills.
- Minor UI fixes found.

- If fishing takes more then 2 hours and rod still not broken, bot will feed workers.
- Weather detection area was corrected to avoid problem if map was manually enlarged
- Fix in auction bot. Bot will detect if keyword was properly pasted in search field. Need tests as I don't have this type of game lag.


- Fix in alchemy/cooking bot after today's game patch.
- Tool installation procedure was improved to find good location for the tool faster
- Added new mode to replace broken tool with new w/o loading unloading other staff if ingredients not consumed and no overweight detected
- Added new status in auctioneer - non priority items. These items are never checked during 30s bidding stage. To mark item as non priority add '-' before keyword, e.g. -Weeds

- Corrections after game patches.

- added new maintenance modal window detection
- changed a way how auctioneer selects priority/nonpriority items to avoid the same item checked twice in short time interval (experimental).

- fixed problem with processable item detection after game update.

- fixed problem with feeding workers after game update
- auction sniper was removed from the bot. Central market requires no automation.

- added support for sharp alchemy stone of life

- fixed problem with item list detection during fishing
- bot will load my own item/production/cooking tasks on first start as an example. If you want to update your items with default list need to delete files CraftingTasksV2.xml, CraftingTypesV2.xml, ProductionTasksV2.xml, ProductionTypesV2.xml in data folder of the bot and restart. Data folder may be opened with menu File->Open Data Folder

1.8.7 Updated the number of slots during heating. It is 3 now.
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