EVE Trader Manual

EveTrader is an algorithm with several functions:

  1. The main function is a trade bot that will update market order prices to undercut by 0.01 ISK of your competitors. EVETrader can update buy and sell orders for the current station, system or regional. EVETrader can detect non-profitable operations and stop updating those orders while no income from buy and sell operations is possible. EVETrader can detect low volume, temporary orders created by competitors to provoke you into changing the prices of your high volume orders and ignores them. EVETrader has a user defined limit for the maximum price change and is measured as a percentage of the initial order price. User may also define minimal sell order and maximal buy order prices, which bot cannot ovecome. This multi level protection scheme must meet requirements to safely compete with real players and other market bots.
  2. EVE Trader automaically installs buy and sell orders. You need to define what items you want to buy and resell, maximal buy and minimal sell prices and quantity of items to buy.
  3. The Market Analyzer will gather new market orders and export this information as well as suggest the best places to start buying and selling. More information about market analyzer is here.
  4. Traveling function and Deliverer. EVETrader is able to work in several different regions as part of the same route and EVETrader can haul items from station to station with the Deliverer addon. More information about Deliverer is here.
  5. The PlanetManager addon can be used with EVETrader. More information about PlanetManager is here.

EVETrader will require a full version license to start. Trial version of EVETrader will allow to trade skillbooks only due to the unavoidable sharing of the market, with other full version EVETrader users who must have priority. To start EVETrader, select EVETrader from the drop down menu on the front page and place the full version license into program installation directory.

As with any EVEPilot function, EVETrader requires a first run to be completed. The first run manual can be found here. If you dont plan to travel, you may use faster first run procedure for non traveling trader. After the first run has been completed, you can setup and start EVETrader.

Trader Settings Panel:


To turn on EVETrader, check the 'Enable Trade Function' checkbox.

To close the market window once the work has been done you need to check 'Close Market When Done'. If the market window is left opened, it might prevent the traveling function from working.

Tick 'Process Sell Orders' and 'Process Buy Orders' if you want to update prices for sell and buy orders respectively.

The 'Sell orders comparison method' group box has three methods to update sell orders:

  1. 'Station sell orders only' is used to compare market prices from within the same station and update your order based on this information.
  2. 'Same system sell orders' will compare your order price with system orders and update your order if any of system orders has better price.
  3. 'Sell orders of region' will consider orders from the whole of the region and maintain the regional best offer for your items.

The 'Buy orders comparison method' group box will do the same as the sell orders the with exception of the regional range buy orders which are treated as same station orders.

'Max Price Change' sets the maximum percent of a price that an order can change it's price to. Each time when you start bot or add an order while bot is paused or using order installer, EVEPilot saves the initial state of the order to memory and calculates limit price. The maximum price change is a percentage of the initial price. If the maximum price change is set to 5% and the initial price of your sell order is 1000 then the minimum price for the order will be 950 and in the case of buy order will have a maximum possible price of 1050. Please dont set this value higher then 10% if you dont use overpriced orders in the first place. A small tick box 'Real Time Editor' will allow to edit limit price manually without bot restart when price of the order reached limit price and order cannot be updated automatically. Maximum price change is a property of already exisiting orders. You may install order manually or use order installer and this limit will apply to the new order in both cases.

'Min Volume To Outbid' sets the minimum volume of the competitors orders to take notice of and react. This volume is measured as a percentage from the current quantity of items in the order.

'Update price (random, min)' and 'Update price (random, max)' are used to specify the range of the price changes. EVETrader will take a random price between these two numbers and use that as the price to change by.

The most valuable parameters of EVETrader are: 'Sell if profit more then' and 'buy if profit more then'. The profitability of sales, is calculated as the real profit you can achieve from buy-resell operations within the same station, system or region. The profitability of buy-resell operations depends on brokers fee and sales tax. Sales tax is paid by owner of the sell order when another person purchases items. Brokers fees are paid when the owner of an order sets the order up. Buy-resell operations will require the brokers fee to be paid twice and sales tax once. Weak trading skills might prevent you from getting income from a buy - resell operation. EVETrader will calculate your real profit and disable order updates if profit of the operation is less than the value defined by user. EVETrader does not prevent non-profitable operations but allows the user to make the decision of what to do with these orders.

During profit calculation, a few rules are applied:

'Brokers Fee' and 'Sales Tax' are where you must enter you brokers fee and sales tax. These values can be found in the market window, in statistics of the personal orders. If you trade within the same station, take the brokers fee from the order setup window. This value considers your standings to the corporation and faction of the station where your order is setup. To level standings use courier bot. Minimal possible values for brokers fee and transaction taxes are 0.1875% and 0.75% respectively.

'Price update interval (minutes)' is the desired update interval that EVETrader will check and update orders. The minimum price update interval is 6 minutes. You cannot update orders more frequently then once per 5 minutes in EVE Online. One minute was added on the top of 5 minute interval. It is wise to randomize price update interval to not look like a bot. Use shared settings->custom delays->in station delay and add min=0, max=300 second random delay. Bot will add this random delay to price update interval.

Buy order parking reduces a chance to purchase item for expensive price when price for the item drops over time. When price for the item is dropping (more supply then demand), difference between current buy and sell order prices became lower. People are trying to sell items and some of them sell items directly to buy orders. If you dont decrease price for buy order at this time, you will buy items and, probably, will not be able to sell the items for better price later. Parking lowers price for buy order to maintain desired profit. E.g. you want to purchase only items which have profit more then 10%. If current sell price is 100ISK and current buy price is 95ISK, then profit dropped till ~5%. Bot will decrease buy order price till 90ISKs to have profit of 10% in comparison with lowest sell price. This way item became "parked", it will not be purchased till profit increases again till 10%. As soon as profit never change very fast, you dont need to check profits very frequently. Bot will recheck profits every X minutes as you may define in Cache Duration

Real Time Editor allows you to change minimal sell order and maximal buy order prices without restarting bot. These limiting prices are taken from order installer tables or calculated from initial price, if max price change setting is enabled and hit first. Real time editor window appears every time, when order price reached limits:

This window will autoclose in 10 seconds and bot will continue its operation. To start work with Real Time Editor click 'Stop' button to have more time. Editor will show name of the item, current buy and sell order prices from regional export file and your limiting price. To change limiting price edit value of the box. To select new price faster you can use buttons: Average + 50%, Average and Average - 50% or vertical scroll bar. When new price is set, click 'Set New Price' button to close editor and continue.

Real Time Editor supports autoupdating of limiting prices. If autoupdate is activated, bot will slowly shift limiting price by X% every Y minutes if current market price for the item reached limiting price. X and Y may be defined by a user. Slow limiting price correction allows to follow weekly price change fluctuation, but filter out temporary price change when one person installed unprofitable order to manupulate prices or due to an error.

Please dont install orders of the same items with the same entered amount to buy or sell. As soon as such order updated, vertical position of the order in order list may change and bot will generate desynchronization error and skip processing of all orders below!